Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rockin' Rocket Favors

I saw these treat cups in Family Fun magazine and knew I had to make them for my son's birthday party.

They were super easy to make and lots of fun. My daughters helped me make them and fill them. I changed ours slightly to say "Hope you had a Blast!!"

Fun, easy, super cute. I love Family Fun magazine ... sigh.

Template (There is a template on their website - see side bar on left)
Card stock
Paper cup
Glue stick
Small toys or treats

For each one, trace the shapes from our free template onto card stock, then cut them out.
Fold back the long, straight edge of each fin and tape the fins to a 9-ounce, plain paper cup as shown. Form the circular top into a cone by overlapping its straight edges, then secure it with tape.
Use a glue stick to attach the message label, and embellish the cup with star stickers.
Form a hinge to open and close the rocket by attaching a strip of tape between the cup and the inside of the cone.
Fill the rocket with small toys or treats.

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