Friday, August 26, 2011

My Life as a Mom

I'm starting a new series on The Mommy Years called "My Life as a Mom" that will post on the first Friday of every month.

Every month I will have a different mom guest post their "story". This is their chance to tell their story and create awareness and empathy among moms.

As moms, we judge and are judged. I'm sure we've all done it at least once. We judge other moms' choices, behavior of their kids, and even how their kids look. What we don't always realize is what that mom's life is really like. Every mom has a different story. Each of us has unique challenges we face and joys we experience.

By telling your story, you can help other moms broaden their views and create community when another mom recognizes that some of YOUR story is also part of THEIR story.

I'm excited and I think this will be a fun thing. You do not have to share anything that you do not feel comfortable sharing. The posts do not need to be fancy or extremely well written. Just give us a glimpse into what your life as a mom is really like.

If you would like to tell your story, please email me and I will set it up. I already have 2 moms that are willing to share their stories, I hope you will be, too.  If you know of anyone else with a story they would be willing to share, let me know.

Some ideas of stories could be
My Life as a Mom:
of boys;
of girls;
working full-time;
working part-time;
at home full-time;
after infertility;
dealing with depression;
of a child with special needs;

The list could truly go on and on. God has given each one of us an unique story and life. Let's celebrate that!

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